Italian Silambam Federation


The World Silambam Association (WSA) (Tamil: உலக சிலம்பம் சங்கம்) is the official international body of silambam for Worldwide and International Non-Government Organisation (INGO).

Silambam initiated and formed in Singapore to become official name of arts and sports organisation by Guruji Murugan Chillayah. In 2014, organisation named Silambam legally registered and recognised as more formalised organisation after security clearance approved by Singapore Regulatory Board. It was followed with new formation of Silambam Asia in Singapore, is the Silambam organization recognised by the United Nations and has members of five countries in Asia continent, and to expand growing further throughout the world accordance with sustainable development goals of United Nations.

In 2018, to preserve and rejuvenate the traditional arts and cultural content within Silambam at worldwide by establishment of World Silambam Association with Ministry of Home Affairs (JPPM) in Malaysia.

The mission of World Silambam Association (WSA) is to provide effective international governance by constantly improve technical rules and regulating Silambam competitions or participation in International events or sporting arena, to be recognised as Olympic sport and Paralympic sport.

World Silambam Association (WSA) also play active roles as organiser of international arts, sporting, cultural, education and delegate participants of dissemination organisation for Indian Traditional Arts. In this role it provides expertise in, for associated members in effort to provide Trainings, Research, Revive, Rejuvenate, Retention and Restore.

By establishing Silambam arts and sports games that group together similar sports, Silambam Asia aims to promote the members and the members’ visibility worldwide.