Article 12 :   FULL-KEMPO ( to be organized mandatory in all world and continental championships)
*Small resume : stand-up and groundfighting / boxing gloves / full-contact punches to the head  and to the body , kicks and knees , throws , chokes and imobilizations with no strikes in groundfighting .

– Punches to the head and to the body
– Kicks to the head ( just circulars) , to the body ( any kind )  , and to the legs ( just circulars )
– Kicks with external and internal side of the foot to the knee-back side of the opponent , only for takedowns or throws , and only when the one who kick is in the back of the opponent
– Knees to the body and to the legs (only circulars and frontals , but not inside of the legs ).
-Takedowns , throws inside 10 sec. from grab
– Ground fighting just with immobilizations , pinning ,  techniques
– the ground fighting will be allowed for max 10 sec . In case of fixing will appear in this time , the ring referee will start to count for 10 sec .
* inside of grabbing all kind of legal strikes are allowed  .
**any techniques which are not specified in the „Techniques Permitted ” are illegal .

1 round x 3 minutes  (running time) . In case of a draw there will be an extra round of 2 minute. The extraround will start from 0-0 and after this extraround all referees must decide the winner.

– Punches : 1 point
– Kicks to the legs and to the body : 1 point
– Kicks to the head :  2 points
– Jumping kicks to the body : 2 points
– Jumping kicks to the head : 3 points
– Takedowns , Sweepings , Short Throws : 1 point
– Large throws : 2 points
– Good imobilization or chokes  at the ground fighting maintained for 10 sec : 2 points .
* It is not considered a good imobilization or choke standing with the body between the legs of the opponent .

– In case of repeted intentioned fouls the ring referee will give : warning , -1 , -3 points , disqualification.
– Depending by the intensity of the foul the central referee can disqualify the sportive directly or after the first/second warning for the competitor , with the approval of chairman of referees.
– Just the penalties and points given by the central referee will be scored on the scoretable .
– The tables referees will count just the strikes and throws and , at the end of the game , they will add the the points from the scoretable and after will declare the winner . Points counted by the table referees and points from the scoretable will be written in separate squares on each table referees registry .

-By decision
-By K.O.
-By T.K.O.
-By abandon
-By 3 K.D.’s .

– White Gi pants next to the ankle , Black Gi jacket , Red/Blue belts depending by the corner .
– Boxing gloves 8-10 oz , Red/Blue depending by the corner .
– groin protection for men and chest protection for women , just under the clothes
– any model of shinguard (NO plastic insertion inside) , not necessary to cover the entire foot.
– mouthguard (gum-shield ) .
– headgear with plastic mask under 16 y.o. ,  in the color of the respective corner .
*  in case of using headgear with plastic mask the mouth-guard is optional

-Central Referee will give points as follows :
a) KD : 2 points . A good imobilization for 10 sec it is considered a KD .
b) 3 KD ( cumulative in all the rounds ) = KO
Table Judges will give points just for  the stand-up fighting ( punches , kicks , takedowns and throws ).