15-16 December!! What a Competition!!

Dear athletes,
we are happy to inform you of the schedule of the dates of 15-16 December 2018.

At the Pala Eolo, located in Via del Lago, 2, 28053 Villaggi, Novara, there will be a series of interconnected events, in collaboration with various local and international federations.

In fact, it will be organized:

  • The Italian Aerial Sports Championship: Registration for the championship can be downloaded from this Link. The championship is open to all associations affiliated to IAPAF or IAPAF individual members. To become a IAPAF member you can consult the following link: Info Membership. The rules book applied will be the same used during the world championship shown below, the same for the mandatory elements;
  • POSA Aerial Sport World Championship: to register you need to fill in the following Registration From; During the competition we will use the POSA Aerial Sport Rules Book 2018 as well as the POSA mandatory elements rules book. The first three classified in the amateur categories will be entitled to participate in the Tortosa World Championship organized by the CSIT and POSA in 2019. For info visit the following link;
  • POSA Pole Sport Winter CUP 2018: to register it is necessary to fill in the following Registration From; During the competition you will use the POSA Sport Code of Points 2018. The first three classified in the amateur categories will be entitled to participate in the Tortosa World Championship organized by the CSIT and POSA in 2019. For info visit the following link;

All these events will be recognized by POSA (POSA Website) that has followed the agreement with WAAPA and recognized IAPAF as its Full Member. It is therefore recalled that any communication of WAAPA or its territorial derivations are not to be considered valid. For more info visit the following link.

As can be seen from the above,  POSA Code of Ethics and the POSA Rules & Regulations book will therefore be in force.

During the competition it will be organized a Cheerleading, Cheerdance and Performance Cheer competitions. It will be organised also a Majorettes Sport event.
For the competitions not related to the world of the Aerial Sports and the Pole Sports, please contact ICCMA (Italian Cheerleading Cheerdance Majorette Association)using its website.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and we hope to see you during our competition!

For info, write to us using the below dialog box.

Marco Tomasini
IAPAF President
POSA Board Member


Carissimi atleti,
siamo felici di comunicarVi il programma delle date del 15-16 Dicembre 2018.

Presso il Pala Eolo, sito in Via del Lago, 2, 28053 Villaggi, Novara, si terranno una serie di eventi interconnessi, in collaborazione con varie federazioni locali ed internazionali.

Verrà infatti organizzato:

  • Campionato Italiano di Danza Aerea: L’iscrizione al campionato è scaricabile dal presente Link. Il campionato è aperto a tutte le associazioni affiliate a IAPAF o tesserati individuali della stessa. Per iscrizioni a IAPAF è possibile consultare il seguente Link: Info Affiliazioni. Il regolamento applicato sarà lo stesso in uso durante il campionato del mondo sotto riportato, verranno inoltre utilizzati gli stessi elementi obbligatori;
  • Campionato del mondo di Danza Aerea POSA: per iscriversi è necessario compilare il seguente Registration From; Durante la competizione si utilizzerà il Regolamento POSA per le Danze Aeree oltre che il regolamento per gli elementi obbligatori. I primi tre classificati nella categoria amatoriale avranno diritto a partecipare al campionato del mondo di Tortosa organizzato dallo CSIT e da POSA nel 2019. Per info visitate il seguente link;
  • POSA Pole Sport Winter CUP 2018: per iscriversi è necessario compilare il seguente Registration From; Durante la competizione si utilizzerà il POSA Sport Code of Points 2018 oltre che agli elementi obbligatori POSA. I primi tre classificati nella categoria amatoriale avranno diritto a partecipare al campionato del mondo di Tortosa organizzato dallo CSIT e da POSA nel 2019. Per info visitate il seguente link.

Tutti questi eventi saranno riconosciuti da POSA (POSA Website) che ha seguito dell’accordo con WAAPA ha riconosciuto IAPAF quale suo Full Member. Si ricorda quindi come qualsiasi comunicazione di WAAPA o sue derivazioni territoriali non sono da ritenersi valide. Per maggiori info visitate il seguente articolo.

Come si evince da quanto sopra, sarà quindi in vigore il POSA Code of Ethics ed il POSA Rules & Regulations book.

Sempre durante la competizione verranno organizzate delle gare di Cheerleading, Cheerdance e Performance Cheer, oltre che una manifestazione di Majorettes Sport.
Per le competizioni non attinenti al mondo dell’Aerial Sports e della Pole Sports siete pregati di rivolgervi alla ICCMA (Italian Cheerleading Cheerdance Majorette Association) ed al suo sito internet.

Grazie mille per la gentile attenzione e speriamo di vederVi numerosi!

Per info scriveteci utilizzando il box di dialogo qui sotto.

Marco Tomasini
Presidente IAPAF
POSA Board Member

POSA, clarification from World President

Let me officially welcome you in POSA World Federation. We are very excited about our new contract and the addition of WAAPA to our large family of international federations. This strategically helps elevate our opportunity to become part of GAISF and move closer to our Olympic goals. We all know how much this will do for our sports and the athletes that belong to our organizations.

First, I would like to make it clear that in the recent days there has been issues with Alexander Zakirov. We have accepted his resignation from POSA World Federation. However, we feel this actually elevates the position of our International Federation as we have come to learn that Alexander is looking for a business model that will help pay himself and not feedback into the organization. The original WAAPA board is working with POSA and the signed contract between POSA and WAAPA are still in place. We understand that Alexander Zakirov is misleading the public and relaying false information.

As you can see (attached), the agreement between the parties was very clear, and was signed by all the Executive Board Members. POSA World Federation is respecting the agreement along with the all other board members of WAAPA.

Unfortunately, Zakirov has a different idea and feels that he should be able to make money from the federation. This is not acceptable as all money should be funnelled back into the non-profit organization so that it can run competitions and help support athletes to the next level. We feel he is disconnected from the sports world and does not understand that this behaviour is not ethical. When we discussed this issue with him he then chose to resign.

POSA and WAAPA do not endorse or support any activities or functions currently being run by Alexander Zakirov. Please proceed with caution if you have provided him money for any competition. However, regarding your partnership with POSA, you are all now part of the organization.

As you can see, in the agreement, we talk about associate membership, and full membership: it concerns those national federations that were part of WAAPA, who had in their country, a national federation already recognized and a member of POSA (for example, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc.).

In those countries where we now have two federations, the federation that was part of WAAPA, may have the associated membership of POSA and the full membership of the continental federation (which obviously will not be that of Zakirov).

However, if the two national federations wanted to join in one big federation, it would be fantastic, as they would have full total membership (POSA and continental federation membership). I know that in some countries (such as Ukraine), the two federations, have excellent relationships, for this reason, it would be great for POSA, that they come together in a single national federation. In any case, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

As you can see, attached (besides the WAAPA-POSA agreement) there are several documents we wanted to share with all of you. They are useful and will help you understand the POSA organization chart and the Work Plan. The Work Plan is the official document that POSA sends to all athletes and federations, for participation in the World Championships. The document contains all the information useful to the participants, about the competition.

At this moment, the role that should have been of Zakirov (Head of Aerial), is vacant. This role is now open, we are accepting applications. If someone is interested, please send an email along with your resume/Bio to contact@posaworld.org .

The Executive Committee will decide (by vote) who will be the most suitable candidate. There may be additional information or discussion held with qualified applicants during the selection process. Over the next few months it is our plan to create a legal non-profit European Federation, and all of you will be called to participate in the creation of it. We will give you the details as soon as possible.

Davide Lacagnina
POSA President



POSA- Rules & Regulations v2.0



Statutes POSA official

Welcome letter WAAPA Members


Registration From


WARNING: Mr. Zakirov, has resigned from his role, despite having signed the agreement with POSA. His resignation does not cancel the agreement that remains in place and has full legal validity. POSA has absorbed WAAPA, and all the competitions in it. Moreover, the World Aerial Championship scheduled in Castelletto Ticino, Italy, will be organized without problems, as agreed with WAAPA. Attached you can find the agreement that Mr. Zakirov has signed. In these hours, he is providing false information on social networks to boycott the competition. POSA has already advised its lawyer, and Mr. Zakirov, will be reported to the competent authorities. Therefore, any information or statement that is given by the False Facebook page “Winter Cup 2018” or by Mr. Zakirov in person, are to be considered false and dishonest. All information must come exclusively from president@iapaf.it, from the IAPAF email and from the event organizing the competition on Facebook.